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Why Does Renal Failure Cause Metabolic Acidosis

2014-04-09 03:00

Why Does Renal Failure Cause Metabolic AcidosisKidney failure can cause deposition of wastes and toxins in body, leading to metabolic acidosis. Here we will explain why metabolic acidosis is caused by kidney failure in detail, hoping useful and helpful for you.

Causes of metabolic acidosis in kidney failure.

Kidney regulates balance of electrolyte in body, including acid-base balance. But for patients with kidney failure, due to kidney damage and decreased kidney function, kidney has something wrong, so that balance of acid-base can’t be managed well, resulting in deposition of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid in blood. In this case, metabolic acidosis is very likely to occur on patients with kidney failure.

Bad effects of metabolic acidosis on patients with kidney failure

If metabolic acidosis is not controlled well, many symptoms will appear, such as bad appetite, nausea and vomiting, tiredness and short breath, which affects patients’normal life and activity very much.

What is worse, if metabolic acidosis develops very severely, high blood pressure, retention of potassium and fluids and anemia will appear obviously, even heart problems and arrhythmia is caused at last. In this case, patients with kidney failure are at stake of life. Thus, if patients with kidney failure have metabolic acidosis, it is very important that they should get effective treatment to control condition.

Then how to treat metabolic acidosis?

From the above, we can know improving kidney function is the fundamental way to alleviate metabolic acidosis. Hot compress therapy is one of good choices to help recover kidney function. After get treated with Hot compress therapy, they will get the following effects:

1. Blood circulation is promoted.

2. Kidney inflammation is prevented.

3. Blood vessels are expanded.

4. Kidney damage is repaired.

5. Kidney is supplied rich nutrients

Thus, by the time, kidney function will revive effectively with Hot compress therapy.

Finally, patients with kidney failure can treat metabolic acidosis by using Hot compress therapy. If you have any question, just contact us freely.

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