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A Comprehensive Knowledge Of Hypocalcemia In Renal Failure

2014-03-26 16:30

A Comprehensive Knowledge Of Hypocalcemia In Renal FailureHow renal failure induces hypocalcemia? Hypocalcemia occurs when the calcium levels in your blood are too low. Calcium plays an important role in our bone and low calcium is prone to cause bone problems. Thus, knowing the cause of hypocalcemia and taking timely treatment is essential for bone problems in kidney failure.

First, you should know what renal failure is?

With kidney failure, your kidneys lose the ability to discharge wastes out of the body. As a result, too many wastes and toxins will accumulate in your body instead of being expelled via your urine.

Second, what is the relation between renal failure and hypocalcemia?

Hypocalcemia, also called low calcium level, can be triggered by kidney impairment such as kidney failure. When your kidneys are unbale to filter wastes properly, too much calcium seeps into the urine rather than staying in your body. As a result you become calcium deficient. Besides, your kidneys are also no longer able to activate vitamin D, which worsen your hypocalcemia.

Third, what happens with hypocalcemia?

In the beginning you experience no symptoms even if you have hypocalcemia. Whereas, with the prolonged affects of hypocalcemia you can feel symptoms such as tingling in your tongue, lips, fingers and feet as well as muscle spasm. Confusion or memory loss may also happen to you.

Fourth, how to deal with hypocalcemia?

We can know from the causes of hypocalcemia in renal failure that it is the kidney impairment lead to hypocalcemia. Thus, the treatment for low calcium in blood should be targeted at repairing damaged kidney and promoting its ability of filtering wastes. In this light, polluted blood therapy is provided for you, which is able to discharge excessive wastes out of your body, thus reducing the calcium seep into your urine. Besides, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy serves for repairing damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. This is because the active ingredients in Chinese medicines can come to the damaged kidney lesion directly. After a period of treatment, your kidney function can be promoted gradually. Elevated kidney function is able to discharge wastes timely and properly. Only in this way can calcium be kept in your blood rather than seeping into urine.

A comprehensive knowledge of hypocalcemia is offered to you. If you happen to be a kidney failure with low calcium level, the promote and effective treatment for repairing injured kidney function should be taken notice of, otherwise you may have severe symptoms of kidney failure.

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