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Effects Of Electrolyte Imbalance Due To Kidney Failure

2014-03-23 11:09

Effects Of Electrolyte Imbalance Due To Kidney FailureAs is known to all, kidney have the function of regulating electrolyte, keeping it in balance. However, due to kidney failure, kidney can’t maintain this balance, for instance, much phosphorus deposit in body. Imbalance of electrolyte in body can lead to many bad effects on body. Here we will talk about it, hoping it can be useful for you.

There are three leading results caused by imbalance of electrolyte.

1. High sodium in body

As kidney function declines, kidney can’t remove much sodium from body, causing high sodium level in body. Much sodium can cause high blood pressure, which does more harm to kidney. Patients with kidney failure should limit intake of sodium in daily life.

2. Deposition of potassium

For patients with kidney failure, high potassium level can occur, which can make them have irregular heartbeat, weakness, heart palpitation, etc. Thus, patients with kidney fialure need to avoid much potassium food.

3. Much deposition of phosphorus

This is the most common symptom caused by imbalance of electrolyte. In body, calcium and phosphorus are kept in balance. Due to much phosphorus, calcium will be absorbed out to maintain this balance. But calcium is very important for bones, so many bone problems will appear. As a consequent, patients with kidney failure should have a low phosphorus diet and have more calcium in daily life.

The above is the main bad effects of imbalance of electrolyte caused by kidney failure. Patients with kidney failure should take notice the above suggestions in daily life. Apart from diet, they also need to get treated to alleviate kidney failure, which is the best way to regulate balance of electrolyte. Hot compress therapy can have good effects on kidney failure. Chinese medicines in hot compress therapy can help kidney prevent inflammation, promote blood circulation, expand blood vessels and repair kidney damage. In this way, kidney function can be recovered. Thus, kidney can make electrolyte in balance, alleviating bad effects on body.

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