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Does Kidney Failure Cause Low Sperm Count

2014-03-21 14:35

Does Kidney Failure Cause Low Sperm CountDoes kidney failure cause low sperm count in men? With low sperm count, men may find it difficult to father a child, caused infertility. Right? How does kidney failure associated with low sperm count?

Low sperm count does occur in men with kidney failure. One of the major causes is wastes building up in the blood. We know kidneys work to discharge wastes out of the body. Whereas kidneys are damaged, the filtration mechanism will be affected or damaged due to long-term high blood pressure or diabetes. Once the filtration mechanism is damaged, the filtration function of kidneys will be affects and excess wastes are unable to be removed from the blood. In this case, wastes will build up in the blood, thus causing low sperm count.

Apart from wastes accumulation in the blood, other factors can also lead to low sperm count, including:

1. Alcohol

If patients with kidney failure drink alcohol, it is proven to reduce sperm count, maybe even permanently.

2. Drug abuse

With kidney disease, you may take various medications. Sometimes the drugs can reduce the volume of sperm by as much as 50%. Anabolic steroids can also affect this volume.

3. Medical conditions

Various medical conditions can affect male sperm count. These include high blood pressure, kidney disease and stroke.

4. Male disorders

These include premature ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation, impotence.

5. Genetic abnormalities

Klinefelter’s syndrome and cystic fibrosis often have a damaged or missing vas deferens which cause a low sperm count.

How to treat low sperm count in kidney failure?

Nowadays, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is used to treat kidney failure naturally and effectively. It is a therapy which is based on natural Chinese herbs, but used externally. The active ingredients in Chinese herbs can dilate blood vessels to promote blood flow. In this way, wastes can be discharged out of the body with urine. Besides, Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy can restore kidney damage and recover renal function. As long as kidney function is improved, wastes can be removed from the blood completely. Thus, sperm count in men can be increased. If you have any follow-up questions, please email to kidneycares@hotmai.com or leave a message below, we are glad to help you.

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