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Why Is There Blood In Urine On Dialysis

2014-02-25 15:17

Why Is There Blood In Urine On DialysisWe all know dialysis is a two-edged sword and has advantages and disadvantages. Blood in urine is one of disadvantages of dialysis. Then why does blood in urine present on dialysis?

A large number of patients on dialysis complain they have blood in urine, either gross or microscopic. Here, we will give the reason why there is blood in urine on patients with dialysis.

1. Use of anticoagulant during dialysis

This medication is used to prevent endovascular embolization, thrombus or other disorder. However, incorrect use of this medication may lead to blood in urine on dialysis patients.

2. Infection

Infection is a common complication of dialysis. We know peritoneal dialysis uses a catheter to allow fluid to enter or drain from the abdomen when open, and allows the fluid to remain in place to dwell while clamped closed. However, this catheter becomes a potential source of infection. In this case, blood in urine is more likely to occur.

3. Reduced kidney function

It is also the root cause of blood in urine. Dialysis can only be a kidney replacement, but it does not repair any kidney tissues. With the advance of kidney disease, the kidney function becomes worse and worse. Red blood cells will leak from kidneys to form blood in urine.

In most cases, blood in urine isn’t painful, so some people may think it does not cause severe complications. Actually blood in urine is a condition which should draw your attention, otherwise it will develop into kidney cancer. In that condition, you must cut off kidneys eventually.

The effective treatment for blood in urine is to repair damaged kidney tissues and improve kidney function. In this light, immunotherapy serves for this purpose, which aims to repair damaged kidney tissues and rebuild kidney structure so as to improve kidney function. By repairing your damaged kidney tissues, blood in urine may be eased to some extent.

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