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What Causes A Kidney Patient to Vomit Blood

2014-02-15 15:11

What cause a kidney patient to vomit blood? Digestive system is affected easily when kidneys fail to function properly. Patients may feel nausea and do not want to eat anything, even if facing their favorite foods. All these discomforts bring a bad influence on their physical condition and illness condition. And worse still, if no treatment is given, they may experience vomiting blood which is really a terrible symptom. However, what cause a kidney patient to vomit blood on earth?

What causes a kidney patient to vomit blood?

As a matter of fact, there is no direct link between kidney and digestive tract. However, digestive tract indeed reacts to kidney problem in some way. Kidney is a bean-shaped organ and serves us as a filter. During this process, wastes produced in our body will be successfully excreted with urine. When one is attacked by kidney failure, his kidneys will be not able to filter blood fully. As a consequence, large amounts of toxins build up in the blood. Urea is also called carbamide. Under the effects of urea enzymes, this kind of substance can be decomposed as ammonia which may stimulate gastrointestinal tract and thus cause inflammation and ulcer. In such a case, kidney failure patients run a high risk for vomiting blood.

How to manage symptom of vomiting blood with kidney disease?

Since the appearance of vomiting blood is due to high level of toxins in blood, we need to take some measures to remove these toxic substances out of the blood. Dialysis as of now is the most direct way to purify blood. It is a medical procedure in which blood is filtered by a machine outside the body. During dialysis, toxins like urea and creatinine can be removed successfully, so after dialysis, digestive symptoms like nausea and vomiting blood can be alleviated to some extent. However, as dialysis can not restore kidney function, toxins build up again when patients stop to do dialysis. This is the reason why kidney failure patients need to do dialysis frequently to keep their blood clean.

Dialysis is helpful for remitting symptom of vomiting blood in some way, but if we want to get this symptom removed fundamentally, we must repair kidney damages to restore kidney function. Only when kidney function is improved, can toxins be excreted effectively and also can problem of vomiting blood be solved successfully.

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