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Why Does Kidney Failure Cause Weight Loss

2013-12-16 13:35

In kidney failure,kidneys fail to function properly.Afterwards, a host of symptoms and discomforts will appear.Why does kidney failure cause weight loss?It can be attributed to numerous causes.


Malnutrition is a significant weight loss in kidney failure. Kidneys can filter out waste products and extra fluid from our body which are mainly from what we eat.When kidneys fail to function, a restricted diet is required to reduce the production of metabolic products.A restricted diet,especially diet low in protein,is very likely to cause malnutrition,thus resulting in weight loss.

Electrolyte imbalance

As the kidneys fail to function adequately, the body will not be able to filter wastes and maintain calcium and potassium balance. As a result, the body may not be able to digest foods properly. This can result in weight loss and inability to fully absorb nutrients from food.

Poor appetite

In Kidney Failure,kidneys fail to function adequately. As a result, high levels of waste products will build up in body, especially urea. If excess urea builds up in gastrointestinal tract, it can irritate the tract, thus resulting in poor appetite.Meanwhile, the urea in mouth can be decomposed into ammonia.The smell of ammonia can make the patients lose appetite.

How to prevent weight loss in kidney failure? If you experience kidney failure, eating enough calories each day can help to prevent weight loss that can make you feel weak.However,some foods which can cause strain on kidneys should be avoided. These foods include foods loaded in sodium,potassium and phosphorus.If you have edema,fluid intake should also be limited restrictively.

While overweight can lead to changes in body that cause extra strain on kidneys, not all renal patients are recommended to have weight loss. Therefore, it is important for you to minitor your body weight restrictively.

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