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Itchy Skin and Kidney Function

2012-09-27 16:40

itchy skin and kidney functionItchy skin can be a symptom of decreased kidney function, especially in cases of Kidney Failure. It is a bothersome symptom, and to remove it effectively, it is necessary for us to find out why decreased kidney function can cause itchy skin and how to eliminate this symptom naturally.

Why decreased kidney function can cause itchy skin?

In cases of kidney problem, itchy skin has a close relationship with kidney function level. We know kidneys play an important role in filtering blood during which, wastes can be discharged effectively. These wastes include creatinine, urea nitrogen and some other toxic substances. Decreased kidney function fail to expel these substances and as a result of this, wastes build up in blood. High levels of toxins not only threat other internal organs, but also stimulate skin, which can cause itchy skin directly.

With itchy skin, we can not concentrate what we are doing and we even have to be awake the whole night because we may need to scratch all the time. Since itchy skin is such a terrible symptom, removing or remitting it is very necessary for kidney failure patients to live a better life.

How to deal with itchy skin caused by decreased kidney function?

The following several methods will be helpful for alleviating skin problem resulted from impaired kidney function:

1. Daubing some antipruritic liquid medicines or taking some antipruritic medicines. This method is effective in alleviating itchy skin, but unfortunately, the treatment effects is temporary.

2. Having a bath regularly. Sometimes, dry skin caused by kidney problem also can cause itchy skin and in such a case, regular bath will be helpful.

3. Limit protein intake and salt intake. Both high protein intake and high salt intake can cause deterioration of kidney problem. Therefore, to prevent itchy skin becoming more serious, protein intake and salt intake should be limited

4. Clean blood. Since itchy skin occurs mostly because of high levels of toxins in blood, cleaning blood will be helpful. But unfortunately, the treatment effects of this method is also temporary.

5. Repair kidney damages and then recover some kidney function. We can not make the dead renal tissues alive again, but we can repair these damaged but still alive renal tissues. In this way, kidney function can be increased greatly. Increased kidney function discharge more toxins out of the blood, which can remit itchy skin directly. This is an external solution for itchy skin caused by decreased kidney function.

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