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Muscle Twitching in Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-11-13 14:36

Muscle Twitching in Chronic Kidney FailureMuscle twitching occurs in chronic kidney failure very commonly and it may make the patients feel very painful.Why do renal patients suffer from the disorder?

Muscle twitching in chronic kidney failure is a very complex condition and it is attributed to numerous causes.

Abnormal blood calcium level

Calcium ion is a kind of electrolyte and it is related to muscle excitability closely.When the level of calcium ion reduces,the neuromuscular excitability will increase, thus resulting in muscle twitching.In right condition,the level of calcium and phosphorus keep balanced. However, when kidneys fail to function well, the diseased kidneys can not remove the extra phosphorus from body.Consequently, the blood calcium level will decrease.

Lower level of active vitamin D

Kidneys are the important organs to synthetize active vitamin D. Active vitamin D can regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and keep the levels of calcium and phosphorus within certain range.However,in Chronic Kidney Failure,the balance of calcium and phosphorus is disturbed.Intestinal tract absorbs less calcium and also phosphorus level in blood increases,thus resulting in low level of calcium in blood.As a result,muscle twitching occurs in chronic kidney failure.


If the patients with chronic kidney failure have serious edema, diuretic is often used to treat edema by increasing urine output. Some diuretic drugs can increase excretion of calcium.


In chronic kidney failure,the diseased kidneys fail to remove waste products from body adequately.The uremic toxins can cause neuropathy,thus resulting in muscle twitching.In addition, metabolic disorder also can contribute to muscle twitching in chronic kidney failure.

The above are the causes of muscle twitching in chronic kidney failure. What is the specific cause in your case and how to deal with it? You can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com  .

All in all, muscle twitching in chronic kidney failure results from kidney damage and reduced renal function. Therefore, the patients should have a treatment to treat kidneys as a whole. If the kidneys can function better, the above conditions will be controlled completely.

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