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Vomiting,Ammonia Smell in Mouth,Headache in Kidney Failure

2013-09-26 12:00

In kidney failure, as the kidneys are impaired significantly,the patients will experience a number of discomforts which can affect the patients’ life quality significantly.Vomiting,ammonia smell in mouth and headache commonly occur in kidney failure.

Vomiting in kidney failure

Vomiting in kidney failure can be related to several causes. Firstly,as kidneys are damaged,they will fail to eliminate toxins and wastes from body.If high levels of toxins and wastes build up in gastrointestinal tract,the gastrointestinal tract will be irritated,resulting in vomiting.

Kidneys can balance the fluid input and output to balance the fluid content in body.However,when kidneys are impaired,high levels of fluid will build up in body.If the digestive system is flooded with extra fluid, it will cause swelling in the digestive organs.Swelling in digestive system also can cause vomiting in kidney failure.

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Ammonia smell in mouth in kidney failure

In right condition, some toxic substances will be eliminated out body by kidneys like urea nitrogen,uric acid,creatinine etc in the form of urine.However,when kidneys fail,these toxic substances will accumulate in blood.When kidneys are impaired significantly, these toxins may enter into respiratory tract and esophagus, thus resulting in ammonia smell mount in kidney failure.

Headache in kidney failure

Headache is mainly due to high blood pressure in kidney failure. High blood pressure occurs as the result of high building up of fluid in blood vessels.Another cause of high blood pressure is increased renin by kidneys.Renin is a hormone which can expand and contract blood vessels.When kidneys are impaired,more renin will be produced.Extra renin can contract blood vessels, thus resulting in high blood pressure.

The above are the causes of vomiting, ammonia smell and headache in kidney failure. For more medical suggestions, you can chat with our online doctor now!

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