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How to Relieve Ammonia Smell in Kidney Failure

2013-09-16 14:09

Some patients with kidney failure may experience very bad ammonia smell.It can make them feel sick and even have no interest in eating anything.This sign can become more serious as renal function decreases. How to relieve ammonia smell in kidney failure?

Causes of ammonia smell in Kidney Failure

In kidney failure,the ammonia smell is associated with high concentration of blood urea nitrogen (BUN).Urea nitrogen is the byproduct of proteins and it is normally filtered out of body by kidneys.However,when the kidneys are not functioning properly,high levels of urea nitrogen will build up in body.The excess urea will be decomposed into ammonia with the help of urea enzyme in gastrointestinal tract.Ammonia smell occurs as a result of ammonia in body.The more higher levels of BUN in body is, the more serious the ammonia smell will be.

How to relieve ammonia smell in kidney failure?

As ammonia smell in kidney failure results from urea nitrogen in body, the primary treatment goal is to low the levels of BUN in body.Firstly,the patients should reduce the intake of protein.Based on kidney damage degree,your dietitian can decide how much protein you can consume each day.

Meanwhile,you should pay more attention to your oral health.For example, brush or scrape your tongue with a tongue cleaner.

However, as mentioned above, the underlying cause of ammonia smell in kidney failure is high building up of urea nitrogen in body.Therefore,to control the condition completely,you should have treatment to treat your kidneys as a whole.If the kidneys can work better to filter wastes from body, the condition will certainly be controlled completely.

Chinese herbal medicines are recommended to the patients with kidney failure and ammonia smell.The effective medicines can stimulate the self-regeneration of impaired kidney tissues to enhance renal function. Therefore, ammonia smell and other complications of kidney failure will be controlled fundamentally.

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