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Causes of Fever in Kidney Failure after Dialysis

2013-09-05 14:48

Causes of Fever in Kidney Failure after DialysisWhen people develop kidney failure,the kidneys fail to perform normal functions,thus resulting in a host of complications. Dialysis is still the first-line treatment for people whose kidneys fail. However, the patients often experience a host of complications and discomforts like fever. What are the causes of fever in kidney failure after dialysis? Does fever indicate some serious condition?

Causes of fever among Dialysis patients

The most significant cause of fever in kidney failure after dialysis is infection.Long-term kidney problem and use of mediations can weaken the patients’ immunity.In addition, during dialysis treatment,leakage of protein in urine,a restricted diet etc also can affect the patients’ immunity. As the insertion site is exposed to the outside, bacteria and virus are very likely to invade into body,thus resulting in infection at the site.One sign of fever in Kidney Failure after dialysis is fever.Additionally,the patients may experience pain and swelling in the affected area.

Apart from infection,fever in kidney failure after dialysis may be attributed to the following causes.

-First-use syndrome.It occurs when the patients use dialysis for the first time. Also the patients can experience back pain, difficult breath, and skin itching etc.

-Other possible causes of fever in kidney failure after dialysis are septicemia and pyrogenic reaction.

There is a variety of causes of fever in kidney failure after dialysis. You can chat with online medical professional to check out if your condition is related to the above causes.

How to manage fever in kidney failure after dialysis?

If the fever is related to infection, antibiotics should be used. Blood culture is necessary and it can help figure out what exact type of bacteria and virus cause the infection so right antibiotics will be used.If the patients experience extremely high fever,hospitalization and intravenous antibiotics will be necessary.If septicemia occurs, surgery may be required in some critical circumstances.If you want to get more information about fever in kidney failure after dialysis, please email to kidneycares@hotmail.com .

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