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High Uric Acid in Kidney Failure

2013-08-27 16:12

Can high uric acid cause kidney failure? Is high uric acid a sign of kidney failure?This article will give an explanation about the relationship between them two.

High uric acid level is a cause of kidney failure

Uric acid is the metabolic product of purine and it is normally discharged out of body by kidneys. However, if purine can not be metabolized properly, more uric acid is formed or less is excreted, which can raise the levels of uric acid in body. If the levels of uric acid keep higher over time, crystals will form in body. Then the crystals will deposit in joints, kidneys and other body parts and the affected area will become inflamed. Progressive inflammation can cause renal function decline and eventually Kidney Failure will occur. In addition, if the crystals form stones, the stones will affect the excretion of urine from body, which may affect the renal function.

High uric acid is a sign of Kidney Failure

As mentioned above,uric acid is the byproduct of purine.It is normally filtered by kidneys so it maintains at a constant level.However,when the the kidneys fail to work properly, high levels of uric acid will build up in blood. The high levels of uric acid can result in joint pain, and worsen renal function further.

No matter high uric acid is the cause or result of kidney failure.It is important for the patients to lower high level of uric acid for the renal patients.

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How to lower high uric acid in kidney failure?

Firstly,it is important for the patients to limit and even avoid the foods loaded in purine like seafood,alcohol,seafood,red meat etc. If the patients have no renal function decline and swelling,the patients should the cut down the intake of fluid.

Secondly, control the risk factors of high uric acid. High blood pressure, obesity, Diabetes are increase the levels of high uric acid.

Thirdly, if high level of uric acid is related to Kidney Disease. Treating the kidney as a whole can control the high levels of uric acid completely.

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