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How Long Can A Person Live At 23% Kidney Working

2015-10-12 08:11

How Long Can A Person Live At 23% Kidney WorkingThe kidney function declines with the deterioration of kidney problems. Normally you have kidney failure with 23% kidney working. How long can you live with 23% kidney function?

1. Is 23% kidney function serious?

The main function of the kidneys is to filter waste products and extra fluid. Besides, the kidneys also perform many other functions like producing hormones, regulating blood pressure and so on. Kidney nephrons are the basic units and can help kidneys keep these functions.

If only 23% kidney function is left, it means lots of nephrons have been damaged and even necrotic. At this time, many toxins and waste will pile up in the blood. These harmful substances can affect other body organs and systems, resulting in many complications. These complications can be even dangerous and life-threatening.

2. How long can you live with 23% kidney function?

The life expectancy of a person with 23% kidney function varies from person to person. It is affected by many factors. To prolong the life span, patients may take some treatments.

Dialysis for 23% kidney function

Dialysis is used to discharge wastes out of the body and plays an important role in maintaining the life expectancy in patients with kidney failure. Then how long can they live with 23% kidney function? Some statistics show that about 80% patients on dialysis can live through 1 year, 64% patients can live through 2 years, 33% patients can live through 5 years and 10% patients can live through 10 years. These statistics are only on average. The lifespan varies from person to person based on the illness condition, age, and primary cause of kidney disease.

However, dialysis is not the radical method to extend the lifespan because dialysis has no function of improving kidney function. Is there a radical remedy to prolong the lifespan?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy for 23% kidney function

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the effective treatment for kidney failure. This therapy is an external application based on Chinese medicines. The active ingredients can come to kidney lesion directly with the help of osmosis device. The micro-Chinese medicines can repair damaged kidneys and improve kidney function. With kidney function improved, you can live a longer life without dialysis.

How long can you live at 23% kidney working? As long as you find the correct treatment, you can live a longer life.

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