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Should Kidney Failure Patients Keep Working

2015-10-05 03:35

Should Kidney Failure Patients Keep WorkingMost people think that once they are diagnosed with kidney failure, they should quit their job as soon as possible. However, some people hold the opinion that they should keep working if they can. This article will talk about this topic. Follow us to find the answer.

If you have kidney failure and a job, try to keep it if you can, or find a new one. Work can make you feel like you are still you, and you can still help support your family. If your job comes with a health plan, it can help you get good care and pay for prescription drugs.

If you feel too tired to work, see your doctor immediately. Fatigue can be caused by anemia, which can be treated. Besides, you can ask your employers if you need an accommodation-more breaks, a different shift time, or energy-saving devices to keep your job.

Treatment options to keep you working

1. Eat a healthy diet

You may be able to improve kidney function by eating better foods. Studies have found that eating more fresh vegetables, fruit and low fat dairy and less saturated fat, starches, and sweets may help slow CKD.

2. Control your blood pressure

If you have high blood pressure, it is important for you to control your blood pressure. Keep your blood pressure at the target level by weight loss, a low sodium diet, reducing stress and taking your blood pressure medication the right way.

3. Control your blood sugar levels

High blood pressure and diabetes are two leading causes in kidney disease. If you have diabetes, exercise, a healthy weight and taking medications as prescribed keeps your blood glucose in the normal range. Tight control of blood sugar can help slow the progression of kidney disease.

4. Proper exercise

With your doctor’s permission, you can start a proper exercise to control your weight and keep your heart and blood vessels healthy and your muscles and joints in good working order.

5. Repair kidney damage and improve kidney function

The radical way for kidney failure is to repair your injured kidneys and improve kidney function. Nowadays only Chinese Medicine Treatment can achieve this goal. Chinese medicine treatment includes Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, Medicinal Soup and Mai Kang Mixture and Seven Therapies For External Application. All these therapies help boost kidney health. With an improved kidney function, you will feel better and can keep your job energetically.

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