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Is It Possible For Dialysis Patients To Get Pregnant

2015-07-20 01:53

Is It Possible For Dialysis Patients To Get PregnantIs it possible for dialysis patients to get pregnant? Women with kidney disease who are on dialysis may wonder how dialysis will affect their chances of getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby. Here will give you some information about this question.

Are women on dialysis allowed to get pregnant?

Generally pregnancy is not recommended for dialysis patients because it is considered a high-risk pregnancy. Healthy kidneys work all day everyday while in-center dialysis is only about 12 hours per week and replaces only a part of kidney function. The body of someone on dialysis has a higher level of waste products than a body with good kidney function. Having extra wastes in the body makes it harder for the baby to develop as it should.

During pregnancy, healthy kidneys must work overtime to keep the blood clean because the baby releases wastes into the mother’s blood stream and she also has an increased amount of blood in her body. So for women on dialysis whose kidneys don’t work, pregnancy is even harder on the body and more frequent dialysis is recommended to keep the blood as clean as possible.

How to improve women’ chances to give birth to a baby?

Have a successful kidney transplant

A woman’s fertility will return to normal after a successful kidney transplant. She will have more regular periods and better general health. It is easier for a woman with a transplant to get pregnant and have a child than a woman on dialysis. Before doing sexual activity, it is important to wait until the transplant surgery scar has begun to heal.

Treat anemia

Some women on dialysis have found that receiving erythropoietin (EPO) to treat anemia has improved their overall health, which can increase a greater chance of pregnancy. An improvement in overall health can lead to more energy for sexual activity, which can increase a woman’s chances of pregnancy.

When a woman on dialysis becomes pregnant, she needs extra care and attention. She must work closely with her health care team, including her doctor, an obstetrician, a kidney doctor, a dialysis nurse, a pediatrician specializing in premature births and a renal dietitian. The baby’s progress should be continually monitored with ultrasounds to identify and treat problems early.

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