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What Is The Average Life Span Of A Person Losing Both Kidneys

2015-02-09 02:59

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Person Losing Both KidneysWhat is the life expectancy for someone who loses both kidneys? You can cope with only one kidney. If both your kidneys fail, you would need regular dialysis 2-3 times a week to stay alive. As for the average life of completely renal failure, we need to analyze it in the following.

The average life span for kidney failure patients on dialysis

If you start dialysis, one overage you would live 3-5 more years. The annual mortality rate for end stage renal disease patients is 22%. That is to say, the overage life span of kidney failure patients will live for just under 5 years o dialysis. Diabetes raises that mortality rate about 3% for a total of 25%. It is about another 5-10% increase in mortality rate of heart failure, as the number one cause of death in kidney failure patients is heart failure.

Why people with kidney failure will die?

Since the kidneys can not remove potassium you consume fast enough, it will lead to irregular heart beat. If you have lost the ability to produce urine, your vascular system will become flooded with fluid and your heart will not be able to keep up with the increased volume. This increased volume will also collect in your lungs making it difficult to breath, depriving your heart and brain of oxygen. Your kidneys can not discharge urea your body produces, which will cause toxemia, rapidly damaging your heart, brain and other vital organs. If phosphorus cannot be filtered out, this will make it harder for the heart to supply itself with oxygen.

Is there any possibility to prolong the average life span when both kidneys are lost?

If you can treat the above complications of kidney failure first, there is a chance that you can survive longer without dialysis. When your conditions get stable, you can use Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy. It is an external application and two medicated bad filled with shattered herbs can come to the kidney lesion directly. And therapeutic effects like expanding blood vessels, anti-inflammation, preventing inflammation and coagulation, providing nutrients and improving kidney function can be achieved. In this way, it can slow down the progression of kidney disease and extend your life span to a certain degree.

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