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What Factors Affect The Prognosis Of Chronic Kidney Failure

2014-12-31 14:46

What Factors Affect The Prognosis Of Chronic Kidney FailureI believe you will understand how risk chronic kidney failure is. Well, what factors affect the prognosis of kidney failure? Kidney failure patients are all concerned about this question. In this condition, our renal experts will give you detailed information.

The prognosis of kidney failure has close relation with the following factors:

1. Primary kidney disease has close relation with the prognosis of kidney failure.

2. Various infections especially for respiratory tract infection and urinary tract infection, are the most common factors affecting kidney failure prognosis.

3. Urinary obstruction also affects the prognosis of kidney failure.

4. The application of renal toxicity medications

5. Renal hypoperfusion caused by severe vomiting, diarrhea, low blood pressure and long time use of diuresis.

6. Heart failure is another factor that affects the prognosis of kidney failure.

7. Renal hypertension can damage kidney function in a direct way.

8. disorder of water and electrolytes

How to improve the prognosis of kidney failure?

Western medicines aim at easing superficial phenomenon temporarily and perfunctorily with numerous side effects, so natural treatments are preferred by kidney failure patients to control blood pressure, improve microcirculation, increase blood and oxygen supply, dissolve thrombus, reduce inflammatory response, promote effective renal perfusion and degrade extracellular matrix. With these functions, this helps protect and regenerate the structures and functions of intrinsic cells fundamentally.

With the recovery of kidney function, patients can feel the obvious improvements by themselves, and the most important thing is that it is impossible to avoid dialysis or kidney transplant.

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