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Is Kidney Failure Reversible After Dialysis

2014-11-26 16:50

Is Kidney Failure Reversible After DialysisMany kidney failure patients hope that dialysis can help them restore some kidney function. But is kidney failure reversible after dialysis?

Dialysis can not help you reverse kidney failure.

-Dialysis is not helpful for kidney recovery. With the deterioration of kidney failure, you have to take a long time to do dialysis and dialysis frequency will also increase, which impair the kidney tissues further.

-Dialysis can only help you cleanse 12-15% toxins in your body and it can not regulate the electrolyte disturbance. After all, dialysis is not your own kidneys.

-Long-term dialysis can make the remaining kidney tissues lazy so that they won’t work any more.

-Dialysis has many complications, which may affect all the systems of your body, such as cardiovascular system, infection, anemia, etc.

All in all, dialysis will make you lose the remaining kidney function.

If you want to reverse kidney failure, you should take some other treatment.

Natural has given us immense self-healing ability. But the precondition is that we should set up a good blood environment to help the kidneys recover. Besides dialysis, there are many other therapies to detoxify the blood, such as medicated bath, steam therapy, circle therapy, enema therapy, plasma exchange, immune absorption, etc. According to your medical condition, we will help you choose some suitable therapies.

They can not only cleanse waste from the blood, but also expand blood vessels and speed up blood circulation to remove stasis and increase blood flow into the damaged kidneys. Moreover, they can combine with the immune complexes deposited in the kidneys and discharge them from your body so that kidney inflammation can be relieve. After a period of time, you will find that symptoms associated with kidney failure, such as foamy urine, cold limbs, poor appetite and poor sleeping quality disappear. And the indicators of kidney function such as GFR will increase.

The earlier treatment you receive, the more possibility for you to reverse kidney failure and get rid of dialysis. Otherwise, you may have to live on dialysis in your remaining years.

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