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How Long Can You Live With Kidney Transplant

2014-11-20 08:51

How Long Can You Live With Kidney TransplantKidney transplant is an effective treatment for kidney disease. After many tests and suitable kidney source, kidney transplant can be done. This operation has some risk but if kidney transplant is successful, it will get better therapeutic effect. People are concerned about this question. That is, how long can you live after kidney transplant? Let’s see the following explanation.

Generally speaking, transplanted kidney can live one year with 85% and 5 years with 60% as well as 10 years with 1%. With the development of modern medicine, the average life span after kidney transplant is about 10 years. In addition, transplanted kidney has the risk of being damaged again. The fee for kidney transplant is very expensive. What’s more, anti-rejection reaction can not be avoided after kidney transplant. Therefore, patients need to take anti-rejection medicine for their rest of life.

How long can you live with transplanted kidney? How long can uremia patients live? How to prolong the life span? If patients still have a amount of urine volume and kidneys also have some function, they can have a try of Chinese medicine treatment. Chinese medicine treatment can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and improve renal function to some extent. If you take Chinese medicine treatment for a relatively long period, it can delay the duration of dialysis and even get rid of dialysis.

The above is the answer to how long you can live with kidney transplant. If you want to learn more information of kidney disease or treatment for renal disease, you can leave us a message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or leave us a message below.

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