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What Will Happen If One with Kidney Failure Refuse To Do Dialysis

2014-10-01 07:03

What Will Happen If One with Kidney Failure Refuse To Do DialysisDialysis is really helpful for kidney failure patients, but as it is painful, so many people do not start dialysis until their life is really threatened. For some others, they would rater die than living with regular dialysis. Well, what will happen if one with kidney failure refuse to do dialysis?

How does dialysis help kidney failure patients?

Dialysis is a must for kidney failure patients who have no donor and also take no treatment to improve kidney function. Kidney is an organ with bean-shape. The major job of kidney is to filter blood and during this process, toxins are removed out of the body with urine and nutrients are kept in the body. However, for kidney failure patients, their kidneys can not do this job any more and as a result, toxins which should be cleared by kidney will build up in the blood.

Dialysis is life-saving because it can replace damaged kidney to remove toxins in the blood. It is a medical procedure in which blood is filtered with a machine outside patient’s body. This helps to protect internal organs from being damaged, but as dialysis can not work as well as kidney, so kidney failure patients always experience a series of discomforts during and after dialysis.

What will happen if one with kidney failure refuse to do dialysis?

For kidney failure patients, if they refuse to do dialysis on the precondition of no donor and no effective treatment is done to improve kidney function, large amounts of toxins will build up in their blood. These toxic substances circulate with blood, and this may damage any part of the body. That is the reason why kidney failure patients always experience digestive discomforts like nausea and vomiting, skin problem like dry skin and skin itching, bone problem like bone pain and bone fracture, as well as nerve problems like delirium, coma, illusion and mental disorders.

Besides, kidney failure patients who refuse to do dialysis also run high risk for heart failure which is very life-threatening. Cardiovascular illness is the leading one cause of death among kidney failure patients and it is mainly due to high levels of toxins in the blood.

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