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What Is The Life Span Of Kidney Failure Patients After Dialysis

2014-09-22 07:31

What Is The Life Span Of Kidney Failure Patients After DialysisAfter dialysis, how long could kidney failure patients live? Kidney failure patients under a variety of factors have to rely on dialysis to sustain their life. Well, how long could a dialysis patient live? This question is most concerned by kidney failure patients.

Experts in our hospital point out that dialysis in fact is only a replacement therapy. Once you stop dialysis or take dialysis for a long time, illness condition will relapse. Also dialysis will bring some complications. Dialysis fail to reduce toxins to the normal level. And it has obvious side effects to your whole body system. A dialysis is required in two to three days, and the cost for dialysis is expensive.

With the aggravation of kidney failure, toxins cannot be discharged out of your body and various complications will occur. Life in this condition may be threatened. At this time, kidney failure patients need effective treatment to expel toxins out of the body so as to relieve the complications. Dialysis at this time is one of the effective way for kidney failure patients.

Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital recommends Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. The active ingredients in this therapy can come to the kidneys directly through Shenque Acupoint and increase drug concentrations in kidney area. This therapy is able to cleanse kidneys, nourish kidneys, enhance kidneys and activate kidney function so as to repair damaged kidney nephrons, regulate your immune system disorder and restore renal function. Thus, the purpose of treating uremia can be achieved.

Apart from medical treatment, diet management is also indispensable. Diet for kidney failure patients include many aspects. Since patients have difference medical conditions, diet is also different. If you want a better and scientific diet to assist treatment, you should follow a proper diet plan under the doctor’s instruction.

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