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Does Kidney Failure Mean Death

2014-08-01 01:24

Does Kidney Failure Mean DeathDoes kidney failure mean death? We all know kidney plays a very important role for a healthy life and we can not live without a healthy kidney, so does this mean one will die once being affected by kidney failure?

Does kidney failure mean death?

In a normal life, kidneys play the role of purifying blood, producing urine, regulating blood pressure, maintaining electrolyte balance and so on. When kidneys shut down completely, patients will experience various symptoms like high blood pressure, electrolyte disturbance, oliguria, skin problems and gastrointestinal discomforts which occur due to the buildup of toxins in the blood. Cardiovascular disease is the most life-threatening complications of kidney failure and also the leading cause of death among kidney failure patients. But this does not mean we will die immediately when we develop kidney failure.

How to survive kidney failure?

Kidney failure is deadly, but there are ways for patients to survive kidney failure:

Dialysis: Dialysis is a way for kidney failure patients to sustain their life. Dialysis is helpful, but torturous. Also during or after dialysis, patients always experience many discomforts, so it is necessary for kidney failure patients to learn what side effects they may suffer from with dialysis and how to cope with these discomforts effectively.

Kidney transplant: kidney transplant is another way to prolong life span, but it is really hard to find a matched kidney within limited time.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: for kidney failure patients who still have urine output, they can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a herbal treatment and can help to improve kidney function.

Stem Cell Therapy: Stem Cell Therapy also holds great promise for kidney failure patients, as it is said stem cells can differentiate into kidney cells needed for the recovery of kidney condition.

Kidney failure is deadly, but it does not mean we can not survive kidney failure. As long as we take the right treatment method and do everything good for kidney, it is quite possible for us to have live a longer time and have a high quality life.

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