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Kidney Failure Life Expectancy:Good Or Bad

2014-04-09 02:33

Kidney Failure Life Expectancy:Good Or Bad Once kidney disease progresses into kidney failure, the most concerned question of renal failure patients is if the life expectancy of kidney failure is good. Actually there is no definite answer for this question. Good or bad of kidney failure prognosis much determines on the treatment adopted by renal failure patients. Our kidney disease specialized hospital have a systemic remedies to make life expectancy longer than common treatments like dialysis or kidney transplantation.

1. What is the systemic remedies for kidney failure?

The systemic remedies refer to Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and its supporting managements including medicated bath, foot bath, acupuncture, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, etc. This comprehensive treatment aims to repair damaged kidney intrinsic cells and improve kidney function. With this method, life span of kidney failure patients can be improved.

2. How does this systemic treatment treat kidney failure?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and its supporting remedies can help kidney failure indeed. Maybe most of us can only hear about oral Chinese medicines and have no awareness of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine overcomes its main disadvantage: it will take a long time to see the obvious effects. The active ingredients are first micronized, so the efficacy can come to the kidney lesion directly. In this way, after a period of treatment, it can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and activate DNA replication so as to gradually restore kidney structure and kidney function. With the above treatment, the corresponding symptoms like high blood pressure, anemia, fluid retention and blood in urine, etc, will be eliminated or at least alleviated to some extent. In this condition, patients’ overall health condition can get better and also the prognosis of kidney failure can be good than dialysis or kidney transplant.

Besides, diet management is also important for all kidney disease patients. With proper and reasonable diet, people’s health condition will be more better and it is more likely for them to live a normal life.

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