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How Long Can I Live With Kidney Failure

2014-03-13 15:49

How Long Can I Live With Kidney FailureThe life expectancy of kidney failure is intrigued by most patients. In fact, there is no definite answer to tell you how long can you live with kidney failure, because the treatment and specialized diet affect the life expectancy most. And I now just tell you how you do to prolong your life span.

1. Tight control of complications of kidney failure

The most common complications of kidney failure are high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and so on. They are silent killer. Sometimes the complications kill you quicker than the kidney problem itself. Thereby, tightly controlling these complications to reduce the mortality rate. In view of this, you need to bring high blood pressure into normal range and reduce high blood sugar and potassium level. Of course, other symptoms like anemia, edema, hematuria and muscle cramps should all be managed properly.

2. Dietary changes

For kidney failure patients, they all need to follow a proper and healthy diet. A general diet plan includes low protein but high quality protein intake, low sodium intake, low potassium and low phosphorus diet if your lab tests show there is high level in your blood, and limitation on water intake. As different person has different illness conditions, he needs to take the correct amount of food according to his own specialized conditions. (if you do not how much you need to take, you can also click our dialogue box to take with our online experts who will reply you quickly )

3. Treatment and kidney failure’s life expectancy

In kidney failure, dialysis is the common therapy for patients, because too much toxins and wastes build up in this stage, dialysis is used to remove these wastes and toxins out of the blood. However, it cannot clear wastes fully and will bring some side effects for patients which may worsen kidney condition. In this case, many people would like to find alternative therapy. Currently the most effective treatment for renal failure is Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy which makes medicines flow into kidney with blood flow to repair injured renal intrinsic cells. As long as kidney tissues are repaired, kidney function gets improved and life expectancy is increased.

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