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Is Kidney Failure Life-threatening

2014-02-28 16:15

Is Kidney Failure Life-threateningWhen people know that they suffer from kidney failure, in the first place, they must be very concerned that if it is life-threatening. Kidney failure is a process of decline of kidney function, which usually develops very slowly (except acute kidney failure). Due to decrease of kidney function, kidney can’t filter wastes and fluids out of body. Consequently, many wastes and fluids deposit in body and many complications of kidney failure appear, which is very harmful for patients with kidney failure.

In what situation can kidney failure threat life?

When kidney failure develops to some degree, kidney nearly loses the function of filtration completely, leading to deposition of many wastes and toxins. Thus, physical conditions of body is severely affected. Besides, lots of complications or symptoms of kidney failure become very serious, which can be life-threatening for patients with kidney failure. There are some major complications which can threaten life, as following:

1. Cardiovascular problems are the most main cause which leads to death of patients with kidney failure. According to research, 45%-60% of patients with kidney failure die of cardiovascular problems.

2. Acidosis. As many wastes build up in body, patients with kidney failure can have acidosis. Acidosis can affect circulating system, which makes breath difficult and makes heart insufficient blood supply. Thus, patients with kidney failure may die of acidosis.

3. High level of potassium. As kidney is impaired and kidney function declines, level of potassium elevates. High level of potassium can make patients with kidney failure have asystole.

4. There is swelling in patients with kidney failure. Swelling can occur in any part of body. If patients with kidney failure have pulmonary edema, they are very prone to death.

Apart from the above, when patients with kidney failure do dialysis, they suddenly stop doing dialysis without doctors’agreement, which can lead to death.

How should patients with kidney failure prolong life?

Because these complications are caused by kidney failure, the fundamental method of prolonging life is to treat kidney failure. Thus, patients with kidney failure should take active actions to recover kidney function and repair kidney damage. Over the years, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is made widespread use of to treat kidney failure. It plays a important role in recovery of kidney function and restoration of kidney damage.

As a consequent, patients with kidney failure can treat kidney failure by Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Besides, patients with kidney failure should treat the specific complications to reduce threats of death with specialized medicines. And they also should pay attention to diet and lifestyle in daily life. In this way, patients with kidney failure can get rid of threats of death by kidney failure.

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