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Kidney Failure Life Expectancy without Dialysis

2013-10-31 09:54

Kidney failure is a disorder in which kidneys fail to function properly.The patients to have to use dialysis or kidney transplant to sustain the patients’ life.What is kidney failure life expectancy without dialysis?

It is impossible to know the exact life expectancy as it is affected by variables.Some patients can live as long as the general population.However,some may die very soon.What factors can affect the Kidney Failure life expectancy without dialysis?


Nearly all kidney failure patients go for Dialysis due to the serious complications.Nausea and vomiting,severe edema,fatigue etc are the most common causes of seeking for a dialysis.If these complications can be controlled aggressively,the patients still can delay dialysis even if creatinine level is very high.


When kidneys fail,high levels of waste products build up in body and a large number of complications occur.To prolong kidney failure life expectancy without dialysis,the underlying treatment is to restore the impaired kidneys and enhance renal function.If the kidneys can work better, the patients will certainly live longer.

How to improve renal function becomes the most concerned issue for kidney failure patients.The combined treatment of Blood Purification and Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is the recommended treatment for patients with kidney failure. Firstly,blood purification can eliminate all kinds of waste products from bloodstream.Thereby,it can create a favorable internal environment for repairing the impaired kidney tissues.

Secondly,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy is a plant-based therapy and it can activate the self-healing system in body.When the impaired kidney tissues can be regenerated,the renal function will be improved.If kidneys can work better,the patients can still have a longer life expectancy even if they are not on dialysis.

If kidneys can have function improvement,the associated complications and discomforts will be controlled. If so, the patients will be able to live a high-quality and longer without dialysis.

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