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How to Prevent Kidney Failure with Kidney Function 35%

2014-09-22 09:44

Kidney Failure will be the final result of kidney problem, if we leave it alone. For people with Chronic Kidney Disease in early stage, it is relatively easy to prevent kidney failure, but for patients who have residual kidney function 35%, what to do to prevent kidney failure?

Kidneys are responsible for regulating our blood pressure, forming urine, keeping balance of acid-base and electrolyte and so on. Once they are damaged seriously, our life will be definitely damaged. For people with kidney function 35%, their kidneys have been damaged badly and in such a case, patients always experience many abnormal symptoms like elevated blood pressure, itchy skin, blood in urine, foam in urine and so on. Without timely control, kidney function continue to decrease and finally kidney failure will be caused.

As a matter of fact, it is totally possible to prevent kidney failure with kidney function 35% if patient receive right medical treatment and good nursing care. Usually, people with kidney function 35% take some medicines to control symptoms. These medicines show quick effects in remitting symptoms, but unfortunately, they fail to remove causes of kidney damages. As long as the causes are not removed, further kidney damages will be caused and also kidney function continue to decrease.

For people with kidney function 35%, the most effective way is to remove the cause of kidney damages, say immune complexes here. Kidney function decreases as more and more renal tissues are damaged by inflammatory reaction which occurs when immune complexes deposit in kidney. Therefore, if we do not clear immune complexes away from kidney effectively, inflammatory reaction will exist and continue to damage our kidney. Also, kidney failure will not be prevented successfully.

Apart from effective medical treatment, a good nursing care is also very essential. Care giver of kidney disease patient need to arrange scientific diet for patients, encourage them frequently and also remind them of kicking bad living habits. With effective medical treatment and well-planed nursing care, patients with kidney function 35% will have a high chance to avoid kidney failure.

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