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How Can You Lower Your Chance of Kidney Failure

2014-09-06 03:44

How Can You Lower Your Chance of Kidney FailureChronic kidney disease (CKD) usually progresses slowly. It may take many years for the disease to develop to kidney failure. During the course, some patients have more and more symptoms while some patients may achieve complete remission. How can you lower your chance of kidney failure? Some patients can not help asking such a question. In this article, let’s have a quick look.

To lower your chance of kidney failure, you should protect your kidney function well. Then how to protect your kidneys?

You should follow a renal-friendly diet.

Diet does not only provide nutrients for your body, but also produces a lot of waste, which will increase workload of kidneys and speed up the progression to kidney failure. Therefore, you should follow a renal-friendly diet, namely low protein, low salt, low fat and high vitamins. The personalized dietary recommendations are based upon your lab results, blood pressure or other symptoms.

You should follow a healthy lifestyle.

In the daily, you should avoid overwork, because it can decrease your immunity. And you had better stop smoking and drinking. Moreover, doing exercise can also boost immune system and help you fight against disease.

You should receive treatment aggressively.

When you have CKD, various symptoms appear. You should control these symptoms as early as possible. Western medicine can get symptoms in remission quickly. But it is not enough. You should regulate your whole body to strike a balance. In kidney disease hospital China, we develop a systemic treatment for kidney patients. They can dilate blood vessels, remove stasis, improve blood circulation, inhibit kidney inflammation, and stop kidney fibrosis. Long-term treatment can help your kidneys regain their ability.

The above treatment often go hand in hand. The earlier you receive treatment, the more possibility for you to recover from kidney disease and the less chance for you to develop kidney failure.

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