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Top 6 Factors that Worsen Kidney Failure

2014-06-01 06:53

Top 6 Factors that Worsen Kidney FailureHere we will introduce top 6 factors that worsen kidney failure for you. For patients with kidney failure, they need to pay much attention to preventing deterioration, and the below need to focused on :

1. Obstruction in blood vessels

If blood circulation is stuck continuously, like worse swelling, deposition of wastes, kidney will be in lack of anemia and anoxia more seriously. In this way, kidney failure can be aggravated.

2. Infection
As bad immune system occur on patients with kidney failure, they are very prone to infection, including kidney infection. In this way, kidney can be further damage, affecting kidney function.

3. High blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common symptom of kidney failure, and if not controlled well, high blood pressure can do much harm to kidney by damaging blood vessels in kidney. Thus, it is necessary to control high blood pressure.

4. Electrolyte balance, acid base balance

Kidney has the properties of keeping electrolyte and acid-base in balance. Thus, for patients with kidney failure, if this is not controlled well, kidney function can decrease more seriously.

5. Food containing much protein

Eating much protein can produce much urea which is a waste, aggravating burdens on kidney. Thus, patients with kidney failure should have a low protein diet in daily life.

6. Uric acid

Uric acid can deposit in body, causing gout by forming crystals in joints for patients witth kidney failure. So, patients with kidney failure should avoid food containing uric acid.

The above factors should be focused on in daily life to prevent deterioration. If you want to know more like treatment for kidney failure, you can consult us freely any time and we are very pleased to help you solve problems.

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