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How to Stop IgA Nephropathy into Kidney Failure

2013-09-09 11:40

IgA nephropathy is a kind of glomerulonephritis with an antibody called immunoglobulin A (IgA) in kidneys.The deposited IgA can result in inflammation of kidneys.Eventually,kidney failure will be the result.Fortunately,not all patients with IgA nephropathy will develop kidney failure.How to stop IgA nephropathy into kidney failure?

How does kidney failure occur in IgA nephropathy?

Each kidney contains tiny blood vessels (glomeruli) that filter waste,excess fluid and other substances from your blood as they pass through kidneys.The filtered blood reenters your bloodstream,while the waste material and excess fluid will be removed from body in the form of urine.

When outside harmful substances invade into body, the immune system will produce antibodies to fight them.But in IgA Nephropathy,the immune system fails to work properly,thus causing antibody IgA to the collect in the glomeruli.The inflammation in kidneys can cause inflammation of glomeruli and gradually affect the filtering ability.When most of the glomeruli are involved,the kidneys will fail to work properly, thus resulting in Kidney Failure.

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How to stop IgA nephropathy into Kidney Failure?

The direct cause of renal function decline in IgA nephropathy is inflammation.Control of inflammation in kidneys should be the first treatment step.Steroids and immunosuppressive agents can suppress the inflammation in kidneys and cause a remission of the condition. However, the inflammatory response is very likely to recure, thus resulting in relapse of IgA nephropathy and renal function deterioration.

Immunotherapy can suppress the inflammation in kidneys effectively and also can correct the immune dysfunction. Thereby,the abnormal immune dysfunction and inflammatory response will be controlled completely and fundamentally.

As for the IgA deposits in kidneys,Micro-Chinese Medicines Osmotherapy should be used to clear it from body.Otherwise, the deposited IgA will trigger inflammation in kidneys again.If the underlying causes of kidney damage are controlled, the patients will prevent IgA nephropathy into kidney failure completely.

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