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How to Prevent Kidney Failure in Glomerulonephritis

2013-08-29 16:36

Glomerulonephritis is a kidney disorder in which glomeruli are inflamed, scarred, and even necrotic.When a large part of glomeruli are impaired, the kidneys will fail to function properly. Kidney failure will be the result. How to prevent kidney failure in glomerulonephritis?

Kidney failure in glomerulonephritis

Glomerulonephritis can be primary or secondary to other conditions and diseases like infection,virus,autoimmune disorder etc.In secondary glomerulonephritis,the primary conditions and diseases are significant accelerators in accelerating renal function decline.In both primary and secondary glomerulonephritis,progressive inflammatory response is the underlying cause of renal function deterioration.In addition,the associated complications like high blood pressure,proteinuria etc also can worsen renal function. All in all, multiple factors can worsen renal function decline in glomerulonephritis and make the onset of Kidney Failure.

How to prevent kidney failure in glomerulonephritis?

In secondary glomerulonephritis,it is important for the patients to control the primary conditions and diseases.Effective control of these conditions can diseases can reduce the relapse of glomerulonephritis and slow renal function decline.If the patients are on steroids like prednisone,immunosuppressive agents etc,they should never reduce dosage or skip it without consulting with their nephrologist.

The second step is to control the dangerous factors which can worsen renal function.If blood pressure can be controlled under 130/80mmHg and proteinuria below 1g in 24h,the prognosis of glomerulonephritis will be improved remarkably.Otherwise, kidneys can fail in few years.

The underlying cause of kidney failure is uncontrolled inflammation in kidneys.To stop kidneys from failing,the effective treatment is to suppress the inflammation in kidneys and prevent it from relapsing.

Immunotherapy is the recommended treatment for patients with glomerulonephritis. It can prevent glomerulonephritis from developing into kidney failure fundamentally.

This therapy can suppress the inflammatory response by controlling the underlying cause, immune dysfunction.In addition, it can recover the self-healing system of the body to stimulate the self-regeneration of glomeruli, thus enhancing renal function. Thereby, glomerulonephritis will be prevented to develop into kidney failure.

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