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Is Jicama Good Or Bad For Third Stage Kidney Failure

2015-03-14 01:20

Is Jicama Good Or Bad For Third Stage Kidney FailureJicama is rich in vitamins A, C, K and the B vitamins. There is a good balance of sodium and potassium present in jicama. As we all know, kidney failure patients should follow a proper diet. One day, a person with third stage of kidney failure consults our online doctor and asks if jicama is good or bad for him. Please follow us to find the answer.

Generally, jicama is good for kidney failure stage 3 patients because jicama contains the following benefits:

1. Jicama is great for diabetes mellitus.

Diabetes is the first leading cause of kidney disease so it should be treated timely. Dietary therapy is the best answer. Jicama is used to sustain normalcy in blood glucose levels. Dietary fiber found in Bengkuang plays a part in reducing blood glucose levels since it is soaked up gradually and never all are changed into glucose. Thus, fibers in Bengkuang can easily manage blood sugar levels in diabetes.

2. reduce blood cholesterol levels

Jicama can be used to reduce cholesterol levels within the blood. The water and fiber in jicama can help reduce cholesterol levels in blood. The vitamin C within Jicama working as anti-oxidants can also lower blood cholesterol levels.

3. enhance immune system

Weak immunity makes people easily get various health problems, so having a strong immunity is important for people with kidney disease patients. Jicama is certainly one kind of food which performs a crucial role to maintain as well as enhancing immunity.

4. decrease the chance of nose bleeding

Nose bleeding is one common symptom of kidney failure stage 3. It is brought on by weak capillaries. The higher vitamin C within jicama supports as well as assist improves capillary damages, therefore decreasing the chances of nose bleeding.

Apart from the above health benefits, jicama also has other medical values like skin health, weight loss, preventing cold and flu and helping bruising and swelling. Third stage kidney failure patients can eat this food but remember not to eat too much. Moderation is always ok.

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