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Can Burdock Tea Help Kidney Failure

2015-03-02 02:01

Can Burdock Tea Help Kidney FailureBurdock tea is a pure natural tea with a raw material of Chinese herbal medicine. Many patients ask that if they can drink burdock tea to help their kidney failure. Indeed burdock tea helps control some of kidney symptoms like high blood pressure, blood in urine and urinary tract infection, etc. Thus, kidney failure patients can drink burdock tea.

How does burdock tea help treat kidney failure?

1. supplement nutrients

Due to strict diet, kidney disease patients may lack of nutrients and malnutrition may occur. Burdock contains nutrients protein, calcium, vitamins and carotene. These nutrients can promote metabolism, and protein can enhance immunity and promote the growth of new cells.

2. discharge toxins

Damaged kidneys cannot remove toxins out of the body, so toxins will accumulate in the body. Patients will have symptoms of poor appetite, nausea and vomiting as well as digestive problems. Burdock tea contains rich dietary fiber and eliminates metabolic products accumulating in the body.

3. control high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a common cardiovascular disease in the world and it easily affects brain, heart and kidneys. Therefore, early prevention of hypertension plays an important role in your body health.

4. help lower blood sugar

The blood sugar can be lowered by burdock. It suggests that the herb has potential for treating diabetes which is another leading cause of kidney disease.

Nearly all people can drink burdock tea. Aside from burdock tea, we also have Chinese medicine treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Bath Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture and Circle therapy, etc. They can repair damaged kidneys and improve renal function so as to delay dialysis or even avoid dialysis.

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