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Is Fish Good For Kidney Failure Patients

2015-02-26 01:55

Is Fish Good For Kidney Failure PatientsIs fish good for kidney failure patients? As a renal doctor, you may often be asked about the diet for kidney disease. Whether fish is good for kidney failure patients or not? Please see the following article.

Generally speaking, fish is good for kidney disease patients.

1. high quality source of protein in fish

The doctors recommend that you should include fish in your meal plan two or three times a week. Besides being a great source of protein, fish also contains anti-inflammatory fats called omega-3s. These healthy fats help prevent diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. They also help lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol.

2. fish help diabetic patients

The study shows that eating more of fish has a protective effect on kidney function in those with diabetes. Eating at least two servings of fish each week seems to protect people with diabetes who also have kidney disease. We know diabetes is a leading factor of kidney disease, so it is able to reduce the risk of kidney disease if diabetes patients eat fish.

Protein in fish helps your body form muscle and tissue. But when your kidneys are not functioning well, the byproducts of protein breakdown can build up in your blood. This can make your kidneys work harder. Many people with kidney disease find that they should not eat as much as protein as they used to. Therefore, although fish is good for kidney disease patients, they should not eat too much fish. How much fish they can eat depends on their medical conditions. If you have any question about renal diet, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com or leave a message below.

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