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Can Kidney Failure Patients Eat Mushrooms

2015-01-12 07:52

Can Kidney Failure Patients Eat MushroomsMushroom is a kind of substance of fungus. It is not only nutritious and delicious in taste, but also can boost immunity effectively. Well, can kidney failure patients follow their inclination to eat mushrooms?

Renal experts think that mushroom has medical value. Eating mushrooms properly is very helpful for kidney disease patients.

1. good for diabetic nephropathy patients

Mushroom contains abundant fiber, which has function of reducing blood sugar and lowering blood pressure. It is an important part for the treatment of diabetic nephropathy. Mushroom is one optional food of diabetic nephropathy patients. This is because mushroom contains trypsin that can break down protein and consume fat. Therefore, when diabetic nephropathy experience indigestion, they can eat relatively more mushrooms. In addition, mushroom can increase the function of T lymphocyte so as to enhance immune system. It is very helpful for diabetic nephropathy patients with poor immunity.

2. rich potassium in mushroom

Kidney failure patients are required to follow a low potassium diet, while mushroom is rich in potassium, so renal failure patients had better not eat too much mushroom. If they eat too much mushroom, it will cause potassium in the body which can not be discharged out by kidneys, leading to hyperkalemia. Patients may experience numbness in fingers, weakness in legs, fatigue and loss of consciousness. In severe case, arrhythmia or sudden cardiac arrest is possible to occur. The main reason of hyperkalemia is people consume foods and vegetables with high potassium.

Although mushroom is delicious, kidney disease patients should not eat mushrooms greedily. There is exquisite for kidney failure patients to eat mushroom. The above is information “Can kidney failure patients eat mushroom” and we hope it is helpful for you.

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