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Is Rambutan OK For People With Kidney Failure

2014-12-10 02:13

Is Rambutan OK For People With Kidney FailureIs rambutan OK for people with kidney failure? We all know diet plays an important role in the treatment of renal failure. Rambutan is a healthy food and a great substitute for processed snack foods. Under such condition, can kidney failure patients eat rambutan?

Generally speaking, kidney failure patients can eat rambutan. This fruit is a traditional medicine that is being used for hundreds of years. It is used in a number of treatments which includes diabetes, hypertension and various other ailments. As for the detailed information, follow us to see the following article.

1. treat diabetes

One of the leading cause of kidney failure is diabetes. Diabetes prevention can reduce the risk of kidney disease to some extent. Rambutan seeds (5 seeds) dry fried and mashed up into powder. Then move to the cup. After the cold water while drunk. You can drink it 1-2 times a day.

2. removes wastes from kidney

In kidney failure, kidneys fail to remove wastes from the body. Phosphorus in rambutan helps to remove the waste in kidneys and is essential for the development, restoration and maintenance of tissues and body cells.

3. good for bones

Rambutan contains significant amounts of calcium which works together with phosphorus to fortify the teeth and strengthens bones. Bone problem is a common complication in kidney failure so it is OK for patients with renal failure to eat rambutan. However, how much they can eat depends on their own medical conditions.

4. eliminate free radicals

rambutan contains a substance, called gallic acid. This substance behaves like a free radical scavenger that protects our body from oxidative damage. It can stop further damage on kidneys.

Although rambutan has so many health benefits for kidney failure patients, it does not mean all patients eat it. Whether you can eat it depends on your own medical conditions. To be safety, you can consult your doctor or our online doctor directly.

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