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Can Kidney Failure Patients Drink Coffee

2014-12-01 02:18

Can Kidney Failure Patients Drink CoffeeIn modern society, coffee has become a favorite of many workers. Well, can kidney failure patients drink coffee? Experts in Shi Jiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital point out “kidney failure patients had better not drink coffee”.

Can renal failure patients drink coffee? Experts point out that kidney dysfunction patients usually suffer from renal osteopathy and renal anemia. As for the patients with renal osteopathy, there is metabolic disorder of calcium in their body. Coffee contain caffeine which can lead to the loss of bone. This will affect the metabolic balance of calcium. As for patients with renal anemia, anemia is relatively serious. Coffee contains phenolic compound which affects your body to absorb iron. At this condition, anemia will become more serious. Hence, patients with chronic kidney dysfunction should avoid drinking coffee.

Moreover, if the kidney disease is caused by high blood pressure, patients should avoid drinking coffee. It is studied that drinking several cups of coffee per day can elevate blood pressure. After blood pressure is elevated, it will lead to spasm of renal blood vessels and worsen kidney damage.

Additionally, as for patients with simple kidney dysfunction, a large amount of caffeine should be excreted by metabolism of liver and kidneys. This will further workload your kidneys and have no benefits for recovering kidney function.

Coffee can affect the patients’ sleep quality and this will worsen their fatigue and general sick feeling.

Coffee contains one essential oil which can cause the accumulation of toxic materials in the blood vessels and further damage the weak immune system.

All in all, kidney failure and kidney dysfunction patients are all not allowed to drink coffee. In addition, chocolate, cola, strong tea and other caffeine-containing foods and drinks should all be avoided or at least limited.

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