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What Fruits Are Not Good To Eat For Kidney Failure Patients

2014-05-17 06:11

What Fruits Are Not Good To Eat For Kidney Failure PatientsThe diet for patients with kidney failure will depend on their body weight, blood tests and your disease progression. So, it is necessary for them to seek advice of a renal expert for diet guidance. However, there are certain fruits you must avoid if you are experiencing kidney failure.

1. Cut back on potassium

According to your severity degree of your kidney failure, you may need to change the potassium intake in your diet. When the urine output begins to decrease, potassium intake should be restricted. 6.5 or higher potassium levels can lead to a cardiac arrest. Fruits high in potassium level should be cut back. The fruits include apricot, banana, prunes, kiwi, melon, orange and orange juice and raisin.

2. Eliminate high phosphorus fruits

Control of phosphorus is very difficult in patients with kidney failure because failed kidneys cannot remove it in the urine. This makes phosphorus levels increase in the blood. Also elevated phosphorus level will inhibit the absorption of calcium, causing low calcium level and leading to bone disease. Therefore, it is important to avoid high phosphorus foods such as beans, black eyed peas, lima beans, milk products viz, yogurt and cheese as well as desserts made with milk.

In addition, kidney failure patients also need to avoid foods high in sodium, saturated fats and trans-fatty acids and high protein foods. Although diet will not worsen kidney symptoms, it cannot treat kidney failure from the root. The root cause of kidney disease is injured kidney intrinsic cells, so repairing impaired kidney cells is the temporary solution for kidney failure. To achieve this therapeutic effect, we apply Chinese herbal medicines to repair damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. In this case, patients with kidney failure will feel much better and live a high quality life.

If you want to know suggestions on diet and Chinese herbal medicines, you can leave your message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or have a talk with our online renal experts.

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