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Natural Home Remedy For Kidney Failure With Cucumbers

2014-03-13 17:02

Natural Home Remedy For Kidney Failure With CucumbersKidney failure can be alleviated by some natural home remedies, and here we will introduce an effective natural home remedy. Cucumbers are very good for patients with kidney failure. Patients with kidney failure can eat some cucumbers in daily life. Now let’s see what effects cucumbers have on kidney failure.

Cucumbers have six main properties of alleviating kidney failure:

1. Diuresis function

Cucumbers have diuresis function, and can be used as diuretics. Patients with kidney failure have decline of urine. Eating cucumbers can make patients with kidney failure have more urine, helping get many wastes and toxins out of body. In this way, decreased kidney function is alleviated.

2. Digestion of protein

Cucumbers contain erepsin, which can help patients with kidney failure digest protein. Thus, patients with kidney failure can get more nutrients from protein, preventing much protein from leaking away through urine.

3. Enhancement of immunity

Cucurbitacine C are rich in cucumbers and can strengthen immunity, which can prevent kidney from further damage. Thus, patients with kidney failure can eat some cucumbers.

4. Restoration of kidney damage

Cucumbers have rich vitamin E and cucumber enzyme, contributing to repairing kidney damage.

5. Contribution to sleeping

Cucumbers contain vitamin B1, which improves nerve system and help sleep well. As kidney failure can cause sleeping problems, patients with kidney failure can eat some cucumbers to solve this problem.

6. Decline of blood sugar

Cucumbers are good for lowering blood sugar, contributing to blood circulation. Then blood in kidney flows more frequently. In this way, kidney function can be improved, and kidney can remove more wastes from body.

From the above, we can know that cucumbers are really beneficial for patients with kidney failure. As a consequently, patients with kidney failure are recommended to eat some cucumbers to alleviate kidney failure. What is more, juice made of cucumbers and carrots does much good to patients with kidney failure.

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