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Renal Failure Patients: How To Eat Cucumbers

2013-08-16 11:24

Renal Failure Patients: How To Eat CucumbersRenal failure patients usually have poor appetite due to wastes retention in their body. In this condition, they should choose some appetizing foods . From this aspect, renal failure patients can choose cucumbers, because cucumbers are crisp and refreshing which is the first choice for appetizing. However, how do renal failure patients eat cucumbers? Is it right for them to eat raw cucumbers?

Eating cucumbers in a right way will do much help for renal failure patients.

1. Heated cucumbers have heat-clearing and detoxifying effect.

Cucumbers belong to cold foods and 96% of their ingredient is water, which has the function of heating-clearing and detoxifying effect. However, traditional Chinese medicine think that cold foods are disadvantageous to blood circulation and prevent metabolism which will lead to various diseases. Therefore, for renal failure patients, they should eat heated cucumbers.

2. Cooked cucumbers can eliminate edema and remove toxins out of your body.

Cooked cucumbers is the most healthy dietary way, which is able to eliminate edema in renal failure patients. The most suitable time of eating cooked cucumbers is before supper and you must eat them before eating other foods, that is because cucumbers have powerful detoxifying effects. In this case, if you eat cucumbers after other foods, your consumed fat and other substances will be removed together with toxins. If you lose more fat and other nutrients, you may experience hypolipidemia and other diseases. In this light, your renal failure may be aggravated. Therefore, renal failure patients should eat cooked cucumbers before you have supper and other foods.

3. Cucumber caps can stimulate appetizing

Cucumber caps contain bitter principles which can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice and produce digestive enzyme. Therefore, do not throw away cucumber caps when you eat cucumbers, and eating cucumber caps can stimulate your appetite.

In addition, cucumbers contain many nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron and carotene and so on. For example, carotene C in cucumbers can be used to improve your immunity to the purpose of antitumor.

Renal failure patients should eat cucumbers in a right way, which can be beneficial to their treatment and health. Otherwise, cucumbers may aggravate their conditions. Besides, renal failure patients should eat cucumber moderately. If you have renal failure and want to eat cucumbers, you can send your lab tests results too our online doctor, they will tell you how much you can eat according to your illness conditions.

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