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What are the Causes of Kidney Atrophy

2012-09-18 14:40

Kidney atrophy refers to that the kidneys are relatively or obviously reduced in size in comparison to the age, gender, weight and height of the individuals. Long-term of kidney will damage functioning units of the kidneys. As renal sclerosis progresses and the number of renal intrinsic cells decline, the size of the kidneys become smaller. Progression of renal atrophy is in close relationship to the decline of kidney function. Both enlargement and shrinking of the kidneys will indicate renal lesions.

kidney atrophy causesWhat causes kidney atrophy?

Atrophy of the kidneys can occur to unilateral or both of the kidneys. Generally, there are several factors which can cause kidney atrophy. The doctors will firstly check whether it is congenital dysplasia. Then you need to consider whether you are suffering from kidney disease, or if your disease has progressed into end-stage kidney disease, or Uremia, such as Acute Glomerular Disease, Diabetic renal sclerosis, chronic repulsion reaction, chronic glomerular nephritis, renal cortical, Alport syndrome, acute renal tubular sclerosis, Hypertensive Nephropathy, etc.

Bilateral kidney atrophy occurs when various types of chronic kidney diseases progress into renal insufficiency, or Kidney failure, Uremia stage. By this time, serum creatinine and creatinine levels are obviously elevated, and severe sclerosis and necrosis of kidneys cause atrophy of the kidneys. The patients diagnosed as kidney atrophy should attach importance for treatment of their disease. Renal disease is a latent disease. Only when glomerular filtration rate(GFR) is reduced below 50% will clinical symptoms of renal disease be present. After diagnosis, it is crucial to actively find out the specific cause of kidney atrophy so as treat it properly.

Unilateral atrophy of kidney is also commonly seen. The patients often go for treatment due to presence of high blood pressure and waist soreness. By B-ultrasound, KUB or IVP tests, kidney atrophy can be diagnosed. Besides primary symptoms, there are often no evident renal symptoms such as proteinuria and hematuria. The kidney function is often within normal range. However, under inducements such as over fatigue, infections-especially urinary tract infections, urinary tract obstruction, influence of Nephrotoxic medicines, kidney function can get deteriorated rapidly and both of the kidneys may get atrophied within years. Thereby, unilateral kidney atrophy should also be paid enough attention.

Generally speaking, kidney atrophy is associated to long-term of kidney diseases. Chronic kidney disorders in their progressing process impair the functioning renal intrinsic cells and reduce blood supply to the kidneys, thus reducing effective renal filtration area and decreasing the size of the kidneys. For the patients, effective treatments for blocking further renal damage and protecting the kidneys are of great significance so as to stop further shrinking of the kidneys and prevent progression of renal disease into end-stage. As for the treatment, traditional Chinese medicine may hold promise for a better treatment effect as herbal medicines enhance blood supply and rid inflammation in blocking fibrosis and improving the atrophic kidney.

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