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Gout And Kidney Failure

2013-12-19 11:43

Gout is a disorder in which excessive uric acid builds up in the blood and forms crystals in the joints and/or kidneys. Can gout cause kidney failure? Read on to find the answer.


Uric acid is normally filtered out of body through the kidney and leaves the body in the urine.If the body makes extra uric acid,if the kidneys cannot clear enough of it,high levels of uric acid will accumulate in body.If the levels of uric acid keeps high over time, crystals will form in body.In right condition,the uric acid levels stays below 6.0mg/dL.

Gout and Kidney Failure

If uric acid crystals deposit in the kidneys,they can become large stones.These stones may cause permanent kidney damage, resulting in kidney failure eventually. On one hand, the stones can form an obstruction that can prevent the kidneys from eliminating waste products from body and causing infection. On the other hand, uric acid can cause inflammation in kidneys. The inflammation may cause the scarring of kidney tissues. In addition,if the patients take anti-inflammation drugs for a long time,it may also affect renal function adversely.

How to prevent kidney failure in gout?

The first treatment step is to treat gout effectively. A healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of kidney damage.A diet high in vegetables and fruits and low in fat dairy products is recommended to the patients with gout.Foods high in fructose corn syrup should be avoided.If the patients with gout have no kidney damage,they are recommended to drink plenty of water.

To prevent kidney failure in gout completely,the most important treatment is to treat gout completely.Immunotherapy is an effective treatment for gout.It can correct immune dysfunction and control gout completely. If so, no damage to kidneys will occur due to gout.

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