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Can Kidney Failure Cause Blurred Vision

2013-09-20 11:00

Kidney FailureSome patients with kidney failure may suffer blurred vision and even loss of vision. How does the condition occur?

Causes of blurred vision in Kidney Failure

The leading causes of kidney failure are Diabetes and high blood pressure.These conditions are also the leading causes of eye disease and loss of vision.If your kidney problem results either of the condition, you may at high risk of developing blurred vision.

If you have kidney failure that is not caused by high blood pressure you still need to monitor your blood pressure regularly. Kidney damage can elevate blood pressure, which then can make you prone to blurred vision and other eye problems. Retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma are common eye diseases in kidney failure.


High blood pressure and high glucose in Diabetes can impair the small blood vessels in the eyes.The affected area of the eyes is called the retina.The retina,which senses light.When these blood vessels become damaged they weaken and break,thus resulting in retinopathy.Retinopathy may lead to blurred vision.


Cataracts occur when the lens of eye becomes cloudy.The lens of the eyes can focus the light coming in from the pupil to the retina at the back of the eye.A cataract scatters the incoming light and can cause blurred vision in kidney failure.


If your kidney failure are due to high blood pressure and diabetes,the high blood pressure and diabetes can cause too much pressure builds up in the eye, the optic nerve can become damaged.Glaucoma is one of possible causes of blurred vision in kidney failure.

The above are the causes of blurred vision in kidney failure.To control the eye problem,the first thing is to figure out the specific causes. If you have no idea about the causes in your case, you can email to kidneycares@hotmail.com for more suggestions.

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