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What Causes Will Accelerate Chronic Kidney Failure Development

2013-08-20 10:35

What Causes Will Accelerate Chronic Kidney Failure Development We know if kidney disease symptoms are not under control for a long time, symptoms will accelerate the development of kidney disease. For this reason, kidney disease may advance into chronic kidney failure. What on earth causes can accelerate chronic kidney failure development?

The following causes need patients and doctors to pay much attention.

1. High blood pressure

High blood pressure can not only be a symptom of chronic kidney disease but also a factor which can aggravate kidney disease into chronic kidney failure. High blood pressure can aggravate damages on your kidney function, heart, head and surrounding tissues. Therefore, high blood pressure is bad for the prognosis of chronic kidney disease patients.

2. Proteinuria

Experimental research has shown that excessive albumin, transferrin and others in renal tubule fluid all can lead to the formation of harmful substances in kidney tubule. Besides, the harmful

substances are able to stimulate the secretion of growth factor like TGF-β which will promote the development of renal fibrosis.

3. High protein diet

High protein intake will lead to glomeruli high filtration rate, glomeruli hypermetabolism, proteinuria increase as well as more severe damage on kidney tissues. Therefore, high protein intake is also a factor which will accelerate the development of chronic kidney disease.

4. Uremia toxin

In end-stage of chronic kidney failure, since various toxins retention in patients’ body, these toxins can aggravate further damage on kidney function and other surrounding tissue organs.

5. Hyperlipidemia

Hypercholesterolemia can cause the injure on glomerulus mesangial cells and endothelial cells. Besides, oxidized low density lipoprotein is able to stimulate mesangial cells to secrete extracellular matrix or cause the apoptosis of glomerulus mesangial cells. In this way, hyperlipidemia promotes the development of renal fibrosis.

In addition, there are other factors which can also aggravate the development of chronic kidney failure, such as anemia, malnutrition and so on.

Knowing what will aggravate the development of chronic kidney failure is beneficial to take effective treatment to control the above factors so as to delay chronic kidney failure development. If you want to know further about the causes, you can send your message to kidneycares@hotmail.com or scan QR code to become “Wechat” friends, and we will give you response freely.

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