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1.2 Centimeter Cyst on Kidney

2012-12-12 15:39


Is 1.2 centimeter cyst on kidney normal?


The first step is to take related imaging tests such as B ultrasound and CT scan to know more about the cyst conditions such as are there any other cyst beside this 1.2cm one, where the cyst is located, is it renal cortical cyst, renal medullary cyst or renal papapelvic cyst.

If there is only one cyst in the kidney, it is mostly likely to be a simple kidney cyst. It can not be said normal, but it is very common renal disease especially as people are above their 50s. There are only a minority of people who do not develop cysts in their kidneys when they are older than 70s.

Since most simple kidney cysts are benign and the growth rate is often slow, most cases are just left along without further special treatments, therefore do not worry that much. Small cyst as 1.2 cm usually cause no symptoms or discomforts and will not affect kidney functions if patients pay more attention to their daily life activities.

The prognosis of 1.2 cm kidney cyst is good. It will not affect patients’ normal daily life and there is no need to receive surgery or medicines. Only that patient should receive B ultrasound every half to one year to monitor the growth condition so as to take timely and proper measures when the cysts are large enough to cause clinical symptoms such as back pain, blood in urine, infections, etc.

In daily life, patients should not have too much alcohol or tobacco which will worsen the cysts and speed up its growth rate.

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