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Herbal Treatment For Renal Cortical Cyst In Left Kidney

2013-01-26 16:37

herbal treatmentRenal cyst in the kidneys is one common kidney disorder and more and more people are found that they have one or multiple cysts in one or both their kidneys with the popularity of heathy check-up and the development of imaging diagnostic methods.

Renal cortical cyst in left kidney means that the cyst is located at the renal cortex area in the patient’ left kidney. It is one kind of benign and simple kidney cyst. Since it only affect one kidney and its location is on relatively outer part of the kidneys, it is easy to be removed by the surgeries such as cyst puncture, decortication, etc.

The effects are very obvious and quick, however the drawback is that the recurrent rate is high and usually the cyst will be once again re-filled with fluid and patients have to undergo the same operation again. And the surgery is another trauma to the kidneys and therefore surgery is not very suitable for elderly patients.

Herbal treatment is more natural and conservative. Thought it can not remove the cortical cyst within short time as that of surgery, it can shrink the cyst little by little and when the cyst is shrunk to ideally small size, it will not affect patients’ normal life activities.

So how does herbal treatment take effects to shrink the cyst?

The herbal treatment is not oral intake of decoction but an external application of herbal medicines on the patients’ renal areas.

Active ingredients in the herbal medicines can soften the cyst wall and increase the permeability of the wall so as to promote re-absorption of fluid in the cortical cyst back to the blood vessels. What is more, this therapy can help eliminate blood clots and promote blood circulation so as to help carry the cyst fluid with blood circulation and be discharged outsides. Therefore the cortical cyst can be shrunk gradually. Though it takes relatively longer time, its curative effects can last for long time and the recurrent rate is much lowered. What is more, it is safe, comfortable and painless and therefore is very suitable for elderly patients.

Another good point of herbal treatment is that it can be used to treat early renal cortical cyst when the cyst is still small in size so as to bring the disease under control in the early stage and avoid further renal damages.

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