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Symptoms and Treatment for Ruptured Renal Cysts in Kidney

2012-12-02 14:23

Cyst rupture means the fluid-filled cystic cavities are broken. This is a relatively serious illness condition of kidney cysts. It will cause severe cyst bleeding, infections or even lead to renal failure.

In case of ruptured renal cysts, patients will suffer from sever pain, blood in urine and if infections are accompanied, patients will feel chill, fever, back pain and sometimes there can also be frequent urination, urinary urgency or urinary pain.

Usually when the cyst is small in size, it has very little risk of rupture. However if patients do not know they have renal cysts or do not pay much attention in daily cares, the cysts may experience rapid growth and increase rupture risk.

Generally speaking, when cyst is larger than 3cm, it has the potential to get rupture. Enlarged cysts will oppress surrounding renal tissues and of cause the cysts are being squeezed by the renal tissues. And if the cysts are located on the surface of kidneys, they also suffer from pressure of other organs. What is more, large renal cysts in kidneys will cause ischemia and hypoxia is the kidneys and this will make the cysts more susceptible to rupture. Of causes, some abdominal traumas like bumps, bends will also cause cysts to get rupture.

Ruptured cyst is a quite severe and urgent illness conditions and it will bring a lot of sufferings and pains to the patients, therefore timely and proper treatments and measures are very important.

Renal aspiration can be done to insert a fine needle to the ruptured cyst under the guidance of B ultrasound or CT to drain the remaining cyst fluids out of the cysts and then saline will be injected to wash and sterilize the cystic cavity. Usually fever can be lowered after the remaining fluid is drained out. The aspiration needs to be done once again after 2-3 days until the fluid is clear and body temperature returns to normal.

At the same time, effective antibiotics should be used to prevent and treat infections.

Besides timely and effective hemostatic and systemic anti-infection treatments, more effective treatments should be received to repair damaged renal tissues and protect renal functions.

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