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How to Drain Kidney Cyst

2012-11-22 15:46

how to drain kidney cystWe can leave it alone if kidney cyst is small, not enlarging and meanwhile causes no influence on our life. However, in some cases, kidney cyst becomes larger and larger. In that case, we need to drain kidney cyst, otherwise, we are likely to suffer from kidney damages. Well then, how to drain kidney cyst directly?

Kidney cyst actually refers to the pocket of fluid in kidney. The fluid is mostly yellow and increase over time, which contributes to the enlargement of kidney cyst directly. Large cyst presses surround renal tissues and thus impair kidney function. Therefore, draining kidney cyst is helpful for protecting our kidney cyst. The followings are the two methods which can help to drain kidney cyst obviously.

1. Surgery: Surgery is a medical procedure during which a need or a catheter is inserted into the kidney cyst to obtain the fluid and after that, high concentration alcohol is injected into the cyst to destroy cystic wall. This method is helpful and show quick treatment effects, but it is imperfect, as it is painful and risky. Besides, surgery only helps to deal with one or very few cysts once and if patients have lots of cysts in different part of kidney, they may need to do surgery for several times.

2. Chinese medicine: Different from surgery, Chinese medicines may show no treatment effects within one day. Kidney cyst is drained usually when patients receive Chinese medicines for several days, so compared with surgery, Chinese medicines work slower. However, it does not mean Chinese medicine is poor than surgery. Comparatively, Chinese medicine is more comfortable and harmless. What is more, Chinese medicine can drain all the kidney cyst at the same time.

Chinese medicines and surgery have different advantageous in draining kidney cyst and patients can choose the treatment they like to deal with cyst in their kidney. No matter which treatment they choose, they must make full preparation so as to receive a better treatment effect.

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