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Is Surgery the Best Treatment for Renal Cortical Cysts

2012-11-05 19:32

Renal cortical cyst is one of the common type of simple kidney cysts. As its name indicates, it is fluid-filled sac located in the renal cortical areas which is the outer part of the kidney.

Most renal cortical cysts are benign and will not become cancerious. B ultrasound and CT scan can help diagnose cortical cysts. It the cyst is single and does not experience too rapid growth, it usually does not require any treatment at all. Its prognosis is relatively good and usually will not affect the patients¡¯kidney function or normal life.

However the renal cortical cysts can cause symptoms too. Such as in case of cyst ruture or if the cyst grows too rapidly and cause discomforts and pains in the patients.

Since renal cortical cyst is located at the outer part and it is usually single, usually surgical removal is offered when the cyst grows larger enough to operate the surgery. Commonly adopted surgeries include acupucture and laparascopic decortication.

The effects are obvious and quick, however is surgery the best choice for treating renal cortical cysts. Every coin has two sides, the srugery has both advantages and disadvantages in treating cortical cysts. The biggest advantages are conveniency and quick effects while the biggest disadvantages are high recurrent rate. What is more, surgery is usually not applied to small renal cortical cysts and that is why most doctors do not offer any treatments and just adopt a wait and see attitude and just wait for the cysts to grow large enough to do the surgical removal. Actually the best period for treatments has been missed during the waiting time and this also cause enormous pressures and physiological burdens to the patients.

Why not we treat the renal cortical cyst when it is still small and bring the illness condition under control in the early stage and prevent further and potential renal damages. In this regard, herbal medicines can treat both small and large cysts. It does not just remove the necrotic parts but regulate the disorders in the kidneys so as to shrink the cysts gradually. Though it takes relatively longer time to take effects, the recurrent rate has been greatly lowered.

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